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National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day - 2022-04-30
What is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day?
In this year's Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, thousands of pets will be adopted from shelters. Animal shelters really need help. Every day they get new animals, but they can’t take care of them all. If the animals aren’t adopted, the shelters must euthanize them. We should all go to an animal shelter today and adopt a pet. If you decide to adopt a shelter pet, take a few hours to visit the facility and understand its needs. You can also volunteer your time. If you feel you cannot meet the pet’s long-term needs, consider helping in other ways. For instance, if you don’t have time to walk the dog every day, consider contributing financially to the shelter or buying pet supplies for it (food, toys, etc.). You can give your love without giving the animal away.
When is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day?
Every year, on the 30 April, a huge event called National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day takes place. It was created to raise awareness for the millions of pets waiting for homes.
History of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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