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National Aesthetician Day - 2021-10-15
What is National Aesthetician Day?
On October 15th, we celebrate the professionals who keep us looking our best. It’s National Aesthetician Day! There's a new kind of skin doctor—it's you! With the right training and personalized attention, you can perform the same services as an aesthetician. And although you may not realize it, people really need you. Your knowledge and skills can help people feel more confident about their skin. You can also help them feel more confident about themselves. They have many services and products to make your skin beautiful and healthy. Some of them are paired with spa packages, but you can also get them individually, too. Just a few of the services that aesthetician’s offer include: microdermabrasion, moisturizing treatments, facials, hair removal, aromatherapy, body scrubs, and more...
When is National Aesthetician Day?
National Aesthetician Day is observed annually on October 15th!
History of National Aesthetician Day
COSMEDIX has founded National Aesthetician Day to honor all the hard-working aestheticians across America. COSMEDIX, a brand of Astral Health & Beauty, Inc., is a leader in skincare.
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