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National Airborne Day - 2021-08-16
What is National Airborne Day?
On August 16th of 1940, the first official Army parachute jump occurred at Fort Benning in Georgia. The jump made it seem possible to insert U.S. combat forces into battle by parachute. Currently, there are 2 airborne divisions of the United States Army that are in official operation. Both units have served worldwide in combat, peacekeeping, and humanitarian missions. On National Airborne Day, we pay respect and appreciation to these troops and all that they've done to uplift and protect America.
When is National Airborne Day?
National Airborne Day is celebrated on August 16th, and honors the airborne divisions of the United States Armed Forces.
History of National Airborne Day
National Airborne Day was first proclaimed by George W. Bush on August 14th of 2002. It became recognized by official Senate resolution on August 3, 2009.
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