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National Alabama Day - 2021-12-14
What is National Alabama Day?
The day is to recognize one of our outstanding states, Alabama. This beautiful state is bordered by some of the most beautiful states in the country, including Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi. In 1819, Alabama became a state in the US. After Indian Removal forced most of the Southeast tribes to west of the Mississippi River to what was then called Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), European-Americans arrived in large numbers, bringing or buying African Americans as slaves. Only Alabama has an alcoholic beverage named its official drink. The Conecuh Ridge Whiskey, which is also known as “Clyde May’s Alabama Style Whiskey”, is a high-quality aged moonshine whiskey from Conecuh Ridge Distillery Inc. It was designated the official “State Spirit” of Alabama.
When is National Alabama Day?
Alabama Day is celebrated annually on December 14th.
History of National Alabama Day
Alabamians have reason to celebrate. On December 14, 1819, President Monroe signed Alabama into statehood. It became the 22nd state to enter the Union.
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