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National American Beer Day - 2021-10-27
What is National American Beer Day?
There is nothing more refreshing than a cold beer on a hot Summer’s Day. But have you ever given thought to where beer comes from? Beer was first brewed by Native Americans using corn, birch sap, and water to ferment it. In 1829, David G. Yuengling created America’s very first brewery. When prohibition hit, it forced many smaller breweries to close their doors. Eagle Brewery, Yuengling’s company, lowered their alcohol content to meet legal limits and sold ice cream to keep their company afloat. Only 100 of the 1300 breweries remained after prohibition. There are currently 21,000 breweries in the US today and they range from industry giants to microbreweries. National American Beer Day honors the creation of American Pale Ale, American IPA, Amber Ale, and more. You, too, can raise a glass on this National American Beer Day by enjoying a cold brew with friends and family while barbecuing. Learn the history of beer making and take a tour of a brewery to fully enjoy the significance of the day. Post your pictures and stories on social media using #AmericanBeerDay.
When is National American Beer Day?
Americans celebrate National American Beer Day with a cold one on October 27.
History of National American Beer Day
We do not know who founded this lager-filled day but will continue to research its origins.
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