National Ampersand Day

September 8, 2021

September 8 - National Ampersand Day

What Is National Ampersand Day?

An ampersand is a curly, fun & functional character. This glyph is celebrated on National Ampersand Day on September 8th – as founded by Chaz DeSimone in 2015. When using different fonts when typing September 8, you’ll find several ampersands cleverly disguised. While the little ampersand used to be the last letter of the English alphabet, it is applauded as the first & most fun on September 8th. Use this character in your emails, messages, & on social media today with #NationalAmpersandDay to boost this gr& letter.

When Is National Ampersand Day?

National Ampersand Day is celebrated on September 8th.

History Of National Ampersand Day

Chaz DeSimone founded National Ampersand Day in 2015 to recognize the ampersand as “fun & fabulous art”.


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