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National Angel Food Cake Day - 2021-10-10
What is National Angel Food Cake Day?
The food of the angels. This is how many people describe angel food cake. This light, fluffy cake is traditionally served with fruit or glazes. It differs from traditional cakes as it does not use any chemical ingredients. You can make angel food cake using eggs, flour, cream of tartar, and sugar. The secret is in the whipping of the eggs. Angel food cake forms the perfect base for trifles and parfaits. You can celebrate National Angel Food Cake this year by baking a cake for a friend. Host a tea party and show off your baking skills. Remember to share your angel food cake pics on social media using #AngelFoodCakeDay.
When is National Angel Food Cake Day?
National Angel Food Cake Day, celebrated on October 10th every year, is a time for bakers across the country to bring out their mixers and whip up an angel food cake.
History of National Angel Food Cake Day
Angel Food Cake has its origins in the US in the late 19th Century. We will continue to research this day and update the website accordingly.
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