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National Animal Crackers Day - 2022-04-18
What is National Animal Crackers Day?
On April 18th, a box of animal crackers is a classic childhood treat. Kids get a kick out of the silly shapes and animal names. In addition to being delicious, the animal crackers offer a fun surprise. No wonder they've been around for nearly 100 years! Animal crackers originated in the late 1800s when an American entrepreneur imported animal-shaped cookies from England. These cookies were wrapped in Barnum’s Animal cracker boxes, which evoked the familiar circus train theme of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. In 1902, Nabisco created a box with a string to hang from Christmas trees. This is still a popular Christmas decoration today.
When is National Animal Crackers Day?
National Animal Cracker Day is celebrated on April 18.
History of National Animal Crackers Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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