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National Apple Betty Day - 2021-10-05
What is National Apple Betty Day?
An Apple Betty is a crustless apple pie. It is many people’s favorite treat during Fall – including the writer of this post. A traditional Apple Betty is made with cinnamon, sugar and butter layered on top of sliced apples. While it is not known who created the first Apple Betty, we thank that person with our sugary smiles today. We did uncover that the Apple Betty was first mentioned in a Yale Literary Magazine in 1864. Former President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy were huge fans of the Apple Betty. They regularly enjoyed them served for dessert with cream or custard. You can also adapt the recipe to include ingredients like raisins, nuts, or even other steamed fruits. National Apple Betty Day marks the middle of Fall. It is the perfect time to fill your kitchen with the delightful smell of baking apples and butter. Join the Apple Betty fun by making pies for friends and family.
When is National Apple Betty Day?
National Apple Betty Day is celebrated on October 5th.
History of National Apple Betty Day
While we could not find any information on National Apple Betty Day, we will continue to research its origin.
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