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National Apple Dumpling Day - 2021-09-17
What is National Apple Dumpling Day?
A staple of the American dessert menu, the apple dumpling has made more than its fair share of full bellies, big smiles, and sticky fingers to give its own national day. National Apple Dumpling Day on September 17th also signifies the coming Fall season: the perfect time for making and enjoying apple dumplings. Apple dumplings are believed to be a northeastern American dessert that originates from somewhere around Pennsylvania. The traditional way of making apple dumplings is to peel and core apples, place them onto a pastry, add a few grains of spices and sugar, then wrap in the pastry, and bake until the dessert is syrupy and golden brown. Usually a breakfast item for Amish, other people enjoy their apple dumplings as a dessert with vanilla ice cream. Another reason why we love National Apple Dumpling Day is that honoring this tasty treat it gives us the perfect excuse to make, bake, and sate our appetites with apple dumplings. And, no one can't moan at us for that, now can they?
When is National Apple Dumpling Day?
As Fall nears, celebrate delicious National Apple Dumpling Day with us on September 17th.
History of National Apple Dumpling Day
We were unable to find the creator of this national day in our research, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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