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National Audubon Day - 2022-04-26
What is National Audubon Day?
French-American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter John James Audubon created the greatest work in the history of ornithology. The Birds of America was a collection of illustrations of all known bird species in America.Audubon’s greatest work was The Birds of America which is considered one of the finest ornithological works ever completed. The book contains more than 700 North American bird species with 435 hand-colored, life-size prints of 497 bird species. It's springtime! What better time to set out feeders for the birds? You can watch them from your window or while strolling down your path. It's an excellent way to observe the birds John Audubon described and painted. Do you enjoy watching birds? 45 million bird watchers do! They travel to bird-watching spots or watch birds from their homes. Some even go on bird-watching tours. These people watch birds for their song, color, and habits. Want to join them? Learn the birds' habitats and migration patterns.
When is National Audubon Day?
The National Audubon Day observed on the 26th of April every year!
History of National Audubon Day
The National Audubon Society sponsors National Audubon Day.
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