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National Aunt and Uncle’s Day - 2021-07-26
What is National Aunt and Uncle’s Day?
National Aunt and Uncle's Day, just like Mother's Day or Father's Day is the day on which we celebrate and honour the siblings of our parents. For many of us, they are around just as much and for just as long as our own parents are. We love them, we trust them, and they hold very special places in our hearts and our lives. Our aunts and uncles deserve just as much recognition and praise. Spend the day reminiscing about your favourite memories that you have with your aunts and uncles, and get together to create some new ones. Listen to the stories they have to tell about their lives and growing up with your parents and show them how much you love and appreciate them.
When is National Aunt and Uncle’s Day?
July 26th of every year is specially reserved to celebrate an important set of relatives, our aunts and uncles.
History of National Aunt and Uncle’s Day
We have been unable to find the creator of this national day, but we will keep searching and let you know what we find.
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