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National Aviation Day - 2021-08-19
What is National Aviation Day?
The history of flight is a rich one, beginning in ancient civilisations such as China and Greece. Ancient Chinese weather experts invented the kite to examine weather patterns in the area and Leonardo da Vinci developed many ideas about flying machines and the physics surrounding them. In 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright studied the physics and mechanics proposed by previous inventors and turned it into the world's first successful aeroplane. On December 17th of 1903, man flew for the first time, and has not stopped since. Aviation grows to new heights every year, with explorations all the way into space.
When is National Aviation Day?
On August 19th, we celebrate the marvel of flight with National Aviation Day.
History of National Aviation Day
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt established National Aviation Day in 1939. The date of observance was chosen after Orville Wright's birthday on August 19th, 1871.
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