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National Backyard Day - 2021-03-19
What is National Backyard Day?
It's National Backyard Day! What better way to celebrate this holiday than by having fun, being happy, and enjoying freedom? The backyard is a place for many things, from family gatherings to sports games. The backyard is a place of fun, happiness, and freedom. We all know that the best memories are made outside the house. To celebrate all the wonderful outdoor experiences of this year, let's go camping. Whether it's backyard camping, scavenger hunts, or something else, we can spend time with friends and family in nature. It's good for our bodies and our minds. On National Backyard Day, share your backyard memories with the hashtag . We want to see you kicking the ball around with your friends, enjoying a picnic in the park, or relaxing with a movie in your backyard.  
When is National Backyard Day?
National Backyard Day is celebrated annually on March 19th!
History of National Backyard Day
ZYRTEC® knows that backyards are a place of wonder, happiness, and safety. On March 19, 2021, ZYRTEC® declared that day the first annual National Backyard Day.
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