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National Bagelfest Day - 2021-07-26
What is National Bagelfest Day?
The bagel is a donut-shaped bread that was introduced to the United States by Polish-Jewish immigrants in New York City. Since then, they've become so incredibly popular they are nearly a symbol of the city of New York, and is widely eaten across North America. Bagels are dense, slightly sweet, and rich in flavour. Toast one up and spread it with your favourite spreads, seeds, or meat and fish, and show off your delicious breakfast, lunch, or even dinner, with #NationalBagelfestDay.
When is National Bagelfest Day?
The time to celebrate the legendary kosher bread has come! National Bagelfest Day is on July 26th.
History of National Bagelfest Day
National Bagelfest Day was established by Murray Lender, the owner of Lenders Bagels. The festival was started in Mattoon, Illinois, home of the world's largest bagel factory.
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