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National Baklava Day - 2021-11-17
What is National Baklava Day?
Baklawa is a type of layered pastry with chopped nuts, soaked in 'atr. Barazek are flat pistachio and sesame cookies that can be rolled up into small cylinders for storage purposes or to eat as an appetizer before the main course arrives at your table. Barma means "rolled" so it's not surprising when these squares come out looking just like bread! They're also stuffed full of nuts - really rich goodness if you ask us! We call them basma because everyone needs some encouragement now and then. Baklava is a special treat that spans across many cultures. Turkish Baklava has a delicious, rich flavor that is often compared to the more traditional Greek variety. Turkish baklavas are made with multiple alternating layers of nuts and pastry dough wrapped up in each other for extra chewiness!
When is National Baklava Day?
Baklava is a favorite in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It has been around for centuries, but National Baklava Day celebrates all its glory on 17 November!
History of National Baklava Day
The earliest known recipe from the 2nd century BC that resembles baklava is Ancient Roman placenta cake, a honey-covered baked layered dough dessert which Patrick Faas identifies as its origin: "The Greeks and Turks still argue over which dishes were originally Greek or Turkish.
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