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National Bald is Beautiful Day - 2021-09-13
What is National Bald is Beautiful Day?
This national day observance serves the purpose of celebrating the beauty of being bald, and all the conveniences the lifestyle offers. Being bald helps in many ways, such as reducing the cost of shampoo and conditioner, or helping to stay cool in the summer months. It also is massively convenient when it comes time to do grooming, as the lack of hair means the wearer will always be neat and tidy. Some choose to be bald for the ease and the convenience, some just for the look of it. Regardless of the reason, we believe that bald is beautiful and that those who choose to be bald are as valuable as anyone else.
When is National Bald is Beautiful Day?
National Bald is Beautiful Day is celebrated on September 13th.
History of National Bald is Beautiful Day
We were unable to find the creator of this national day in our research, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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