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National Balloon Ascension Day - 2022-01-09
What is National Balloon Ascension Day?
The French aeronaut Jean Pierre Blanchard took flight over the Walnut Street Prison in Philadelphia. He ascended in a hydrogen gas balloon, which was popular at the time. George Washington also witnessed the launch of the balloon that day. The fascination that Americans had with balloons began that day. Airships first took the skies in the late 19th century. They were filled with hydrogen and shaped like cigars. These balloons were called blimps due to their shape. Their engines gave them speed and direction, which made them safer than hot air balloons.
When is National Balloon Ascension Day?
National Balloon Ascension Day is celebrated every year on January 9th!
History of National Balloon Ascension Day
National Balloon Ascension Day has been observed since at least 2011
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