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National Barrier Awareness Day - 2021-05-07
What is National Barrier Awareness Day?
On May 7th each year, we are charged with celebrating National Barrier Awareness Day. We must dissolve the stigma surrounding disabilities in education. It’s an opportunity to tear down barriers and build ramps that provide access to people with disabilities. When misunderstandings arise, see the potential for the development of new technology that bridges the gap between people with and without disabilities. If you see someone who is disabled being treated poorly, speak up and do something about it. On National Barrier Awareness Day, we're told to recognize the human rights violations that occur every day. One way companies and people can help is to eliminate antiquated policies that prevent those with disabilities from reaching their full potential.  
When is National Barrier Awareness Day?
National Barrier Awareness Day is observed on May 7 annually.
History of National Barrier Awareness Day
In 1986, Congress made May 7th National Barrier Awareness Day. It was a time to recognize the importance of removing the barriers that people with disabilities face. To do this, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation that called for Americans to participate in events and programs that would help accomplish this.
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