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National Battery Day - 2022-02-18
What is National Battery Day?
February 18 is National Battery Day. It is meant to recognize the importance of batteries and the role they play in powering our lives. However, the safe and proper end-of-life management of batteries is critical—for people, property, and the environment. A battery changes chemical energy into electrical energy using a chemical reaction. The chemicals must be arranged in a specific order to create an electrical current. If the chemicals are arranged correctly, the electrons will travel from one substance to another, producing electricity. The lead battery is the product of millions of dollars of research and innovation by the lead battery industry. Today's state-of-the-art technology serves a diverse array of applications, including portable electronics, electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and more.  
When is National Battery Day?
National Battery Day id observed on February 18th annually!
History of National Battery Day
National Battery Day commemorates the anniversary of Alessandro Volta’s birth on February 18, 1745.
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