National Beach Day

August 30, 2021

August 30 - National Beach D

What Is National Beach Day?

Beaches are found along all kinds of bodies of water, be it a lake, ocean, or river. They’re the perfect place to hang out during the summer as the water provides a way to cool off in the heat, and you can play on the shore in between swims. For that alone, they deserve to be celebrated. Pack a picnic and head down to the beach today! It’s bound to be a fun time for the whole family. In recent decades, however, many beaches have become absolutely littered with plastics and non-recyclable materials, causing hazard for wildlife and affecting our environment negatively. On National Beach Day, while we’re celebrating all the ways the beach adds joy and value to our lives, we should do our best to keep them clean and tidy to ensure they can be around for much longer.

When Is National Beach Day?

On August 30th we celebrate all there is to enjoy about the beach, with National Beach Day!

History Of National Beach Day

National Beach Day was originally launched in 1926 by the Knights of Columbus, but it never quite caught on. Then in 2014, Colleen Paige created National Beach Day to celebrate beaches and the importance of keeping them clean.


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