National Beer Lover’s Day

September 7, 2021

September 7 - National Beer Lover’s Day

What Is National Beer Lover’s Day?

Beer is amongst the oldest beverages in the world. Our ancient forefathers discovered beer brewing around 4,000 BC – and ever since then, we’ve had hearty laughter, good times, and lip-licking beers to enjoy. Did you know that beer has played an important part in shaping this county? Virginian settlers brewed it; the first President tinkered with beer brewing, included a recipe for his favorite flavor, in his presidential notes. If you’re not familiar with beer – and its many health and wellness attributes – today would be a good day to take a seat, grab a beer glass and enjoy your first pint.

When Is National Beer Lover’s Day?

Pretty much any day a beer lover sips the golden nectar is a good day, but on September 7th we beer connoisseurs are recognized for our wisdom. Celebrate beers in all their different and diverse tastes on National Beer Lover’s Day.

History Of National Beer Lover’s Day

We’re not sure who created this day, but we beer drinkers hail their ingenuity. Cheers!


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