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National Bird Day - 2022-01-05
What is National Bird Day?
Born Free USA emphasizes the importance of National Bird Day and lists it as a day to shine a spotlight on issues critical to the protection and survival of birds, both captive and wild. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), 77 bird species in the United States are threatened with extinction on this list is the California Condor. California condors have been in decline since the time of European settlements. In 1967, these birds were put on the endangered species list and a captive breeding program was created to save them from extinction. The population of California condors is threatened by humankind. The loss of their habitat, poisoning from pollution, collision with power lines, and poaching are all results of human encroachment on their territory.  
When is National Bird Day?
National Bird Day is celebrated on January 5th!
History of National Bird Day
Born Free USA, in coordination with the Avian Welfare Coalition, launched the first annual National Bird Day to promote awareness of avian issues.
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