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National Bison Day - 2021-11-06
What is National Bison Day?
Did you know the Bison is the official national mammal of the United States? These gentle giants have roamed the American plains for centuries and nearly became extinct in the 1800s. Thanks to conservation efforts, the Bison are back to roaming the land in all 50 states across America. These majestic creatures can live up to 20 years and are the largest land mammal in the US. They are a healthy food source and are vital to religious ceremonies. This National Bison Day, show your love by reading more about the history of Bison in America. Take a drive through a national park and see them in their natural habitat. For the guys, take a picture of you with a beard and share it on social media using #BeardsForBison to honor these majestic creatures.
When is National Bison Day?
We celebrate National Bison Day on November 6th every year
History of National Bison Day
A movement to recognize National Bison Day was first started in 2012. It was not until May 2016 that President Obama signed a law making the Bison the national mammal of the United States.
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