National Blame Someone Else Day

August 13, 2021

August 13 - National Blame Someone Else Day

What Is National Blame Someone Else Day?

On National Blame Someone Else Day, we take the opportunity to wipe a little of our bad luck onto someone else. We all need a little break every once in a while, and this day gives the perfect opportunity to do so. Whether we’re running a little late for work today, we’ve spilled our coffee, or we burned dinner a little too much, blaming someone else for the mishap can help take off some of the pressure from ourselves, just to make it a little easier to make it through the day. The coffee spilled because of the little gnome that ran past your legs, and the dinner burned because of the cheeky suspect that snuck into the house and turned off your timer! It’s got nothing to do with you! Wink, wink.

When Is National Blame Someone Else Day?

Have you ever made a mistake and wished you could just blame it on someone else? Well, the first Friday the 13th of every year is the day you’ve been waiting for, National Blame Someone Else Day.

History Of National Blame Someone Else Day

National Blame Someone Else Day was invented by Anne Moeller of Clio, Michigan in 1982. When her alarm clock failed to go off that morning, Anne had a real bad luck filled day. To make matter worse, the day happened to fall on a Friday the 13th!


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