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National Body Language Day - 2021-10-01
What is National Body Language Day?
A lot can be said without saying anything at all. Our body language communicates emotion and thought – in better ways than even our words. From a gentle touch to a flirtatious wink, body language is pivotal in our everyday communication. This National Body Language Day note your body language when chatting to your friends and co-workers - as well as theirs - to see the effects of body language on a typical conversation.
When is National Body Language Day?
National Body Language Day is celebrated on the first Friday in October.
History of National Body Language Day
National Body Language Day was founded by Bianca Cobb, a body language expert and founder of TruthBlazer LLC, in 2018. Through her organization, Ms Cobb provides training on body language and how it can be used in our personal and professional lives.
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