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National Book Lovers Day - 2021-08-09
What is National Book Lovers Day?
National Book Lovers Day encourages those who love to read, to pick up their favourite book and find a comfy spot. For those of us who aren't that into reading, this is a chance for us to explore the hobby a little bit more. Books are so extremely helpful and informative, and there's a book out there on absolutely every subject imaginable! Anyone who enjoys learning, relaxing, or being entertained can find a book out there for them to lay back with. And if not, books certainly are beautiful to look at, at least!
When is National Book Lovers Day?
Bibliophiles nationwide celebrate their favourite thing in the world on August 9th! It's National Book Lovers Day!
History of National Book Lovers Day
Unfortunately, we have been unable to find the creator of this national day.
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