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National Borinqueneers Day - 2022-04-13
What is National Borinqueneers Day?
On April 13th, we will commemorate the sacrifices of the Borinqueneers Regiment. The regiment is currently known as the 65th Infantry Regiment of the United States Army. Puerto Rico has had a strong military presence since the United States took over its governance in 1898. Puerto Rican troops have fought bravely in every war since then, but their roles have been limited, often non-combat.When World War II ended, the military demobilized the 65th Infantry. But when the Korean War broke out, the United States reactivated these ready-to-fight units. The 65th was one of them. During the Korean War, the 65th Infantry Regiment adopted the nickname “The Borinqueneers.” The name honors the Taíno Indians, the original inhabitants of Puerto Rico. They fought hard in Korea and contributed a great deal to the war effort. The Borinqueneers earned thousands of medals, including 2,700 Purple Hearts, 600 Bronze Stars, 250 Silver Stars, 9 Distinguished Service Crosses, and 1 Medal of Honor.  
When is National Borinqueneers Day?
National Borinqueneers Day is observed on April 13th!
History of National Borinqueneers Day
In the year 2020, the president of the United States declared April 13th to be National Borinqueneers Day. However, Congress passed a law making it a national holiday. The president vetoed this legislation, but Congress overrode his veto and National Borinqueneers Day became a federal holiday.
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