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National BRAVE Day - 2021-09-24
What is National BRAVE Day?
National BRAVE Day encourages women to encourage other women. In this "man's world," it is important for women to uplift and support each other whenever we get the chance. Despite the varied experiences and backgrounds, women have a special bond with one another. We all understand the struggles of being a woman, and the tragedies that have struck women worldwide. On this day, take a moment to acknowledge the women around you and to find a way to spread joy and empowerment. The opportunities to do such things are endless. If you're in the position to provide any kind of job opportunity to another woman, it'll be highly encouraged as well. Whatever you can do to keep yourself and other women BRAVE, go ahead and do it!
When is National BRAVE Day?
The fourth Friday of September honors the women who uplift and encourage other women, with National BRAVE Day.
History of National BRAVE Day
National BRAVE Day was founded by The Sweetlife Women in 2017 in honor of their founder Kaci Stewart, who has been the catalyst for making differences in women's lives.
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