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National BraveHearts Day - 2022-04-28
What is National BraveHearts Day?
In 2015, BraveHearts for Kids founded National BraveHearts for Kids Day. It was recognized by the National Day Calendar and will be observed on the 28th of April every year. Jeremy and Amy Jacobs founded BraveHearts For Kids in 2008 after their daughter Ava was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. The infant was only 13 months old at the time. They reached out to their community for help, and their baby girl was able to receive surgery. Now, BraveHearts For Kids is the largest pediatric brain tumor foundation in New England, helping kids like Ava all over the country. BraveHearts for Kids is an organization that helps save the lives of children. They provide hope, guidance, and resources to families dealing with a childhood cancer crisis. They do this at no cost. 100% of the money that individuals contribute goes directly to support programs.
When is National BraveHearts Day?
National BraveHearts Day on April 28th each year!
History of National BraveHearts Day
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