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National Breadstick Day - 2021-10-29
What is National Breadstick Day?
Do you love breadsticks as much as we do? The perfect side to a delicious pasta dish, or even on its own, served with hummus and crudites. We enjoy the humble breadstick in many ways. It all began in the 1600s in Italy when Duke Vittorio Amedeo II di Savoia became ill with stomach problems. A local doctor suggested that his mother make breadsticks to help his ailments and aid in digestion. The popularity of the breadstick spread quickly. We now enjoy many flavors like garlic, cheese, onion salt, and even a sweet breadstick topped with sugar and cinnamon. Celebrate National Breadstick Day by baking a variety of breadsticks. Why not try a new recipe or flavor? If you prefer to buy your breadsticks, grab a couple from your favorite bakery and give them a shout out on social media using #BreadstickDay.
When is National Breadstick Day?
People all across America celebrate this day on the last Friday of October. This year, National Breadstick Day is on October 29.
History of National Breadstick Day
We do not know the origin of National Breadstick Day but will continue to research the history behind it.
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