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National Bundt (Pan) Day - 2021-11-15
What is National Bundt (Pan) Day?
The Bundt cakes are not just for special occasions! They can be made with any recipe and come out as long, thin shapes that have a distinctive ring to them. The outside may sometimes need some frosting or glazing but inside you'll find plenty of moist cake packed full of flavor thanks in part to the use of oily fruits like blueberries which give off moisture when cooked so they retain more during baking than other types such as oranges do because their pectin levels increase due to the high acidity level found within citrus fruit peelings. There's no wrong answer on how best to decorate your tasty treat; feel free to add anything colorful/fun onto each slice. Happy National Bundt  Day
When is National Bundt (Pan) Day?
National Bundt Day is observed every year on November 15th. This day celebrates the delicious cake that's so common in America, but not its true origins- it comes from Germany!
History of National Bundt (Pan) Day
National Cake celebrating this day was first baked in America by Mrs Kitchen, back in 1893! The National Bûndt Cake Association rewards whoever creates best-selling recipe with their own "bundts" cake award every year on November 15th
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