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National Button Day - 2021-11-16
What is National Button Day?
There are many different types of buttons used in sewing. The first type is the round button, which can be found on clothing or bags as decoration and closure for various fastenings like zippers, hooks, and eyes etc. They come with different finishes depending upon what they will be attached to so they blend well aesthetically too! Another common shape among handmade clothes designers includes bias cut-out shapes made popular during last year's runway shows making them more versatile than ever before.
When is National Button Day?
National Button Day on November 16 is a day to celebrate buttons because they have many different uses.
History of National Button Day
The Indus Valley Civilisation is credited with many, if not all of mankind's greatest inventions. In 2000 BC they invented the button and it seems to date from around 2500 years before that in Egyptian history!
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