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National Cake Day - 2021-11-26
What is National Cake Day?
Some people say that cakes originated in ancient Egypt, but the first birthday cake was made in 19th century Western Europe. The modern birthday cake has candles on top and is frosted with a layer of icing. Cakes are also served at other events such as family dinners and catered parties. Black forest, angel food, and pineapple upside-down cakes are some examples. The word “cake” originated from the Middle English word “kake.” The word is also related to other words such as pastry and tart. In middle ages, cakes were hard-baked rounds of bread that were flat.
When is National Cake Day?
National Cake Day is the best day of all. Wanna get your sugar high? Celebrate National Cake Day with us, on November 26th!
History of National Cake Day
In later years, the ancient Romans also created a version of this sweet treat that was rather creamy and rich. However, like in many cultures around the world, this cake was often reserved for the gods and offered at their temples as a sign of respect, love, and reverence. content: In later years the ancient Romans also created their own version of this sweet treat
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