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National California Strawberry Day - 2021-03-21
What is National California Strawberry Day?
The strawberry season kicks off in California. March 21st is National California Strawberry Day, a celebration of the first day of spring that usually coincides with the full moon. It’s a great time to start thinking about fresh fruit dishes, too. Strawberries are the fruit of the gods. They're sweet and juicy. When we bite into them, we can feel the sunshine and the whimsy. It's a perfect combination of flavor and texture. Strawberries go perfectly with ice cream, especially when it's strawberry ice cream. The only problem with ice cream is that it drips down our chins when we eat it. But I'd gladly accept dribbles of ice cream on my shirt if it meant eating delicious strawberries. As summer comes to a close, remember that strawberries are filled with vitamins and nutrients. They are delicious and low in calories, which makes them the perfect romantic treat.
When is National California Strawberry Day?
National California Strawberry Day is celebrated on March 21st!
History of National California Strawberry Day
This year, the California Strawberry Commission (CSC) has proposed March 12 as California Strawberry Day, to celebrate the beginning of the California strawberry season.
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