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National Calzone Day - 2021-11-01
What is National Calzone Day?
If you have never enjoyed the experience of eating a calzone, now is the time! This stuffed pizza dish was created in Naples in the 1700s as a pizza that people could eat while walking around. Calzones are made from dough infused with garlic and butter. We can stuff it with tomatoes, cheese, meats, peppers, sauces, and more to create a delicious flavor sensation. It is also a great alternative to traditional pizza. Celebrate National Calzone Day this year and indulge in your favorite calzone from your local pizzeria and give them a shout-out on social media. If you are daring enough, create your own calzones for dinner for your family. Post your pictures and Calzone Day memories on social media using #CalzoneDay.
When is National Calzone Day?
Pizza-lovers celebrate National Calzone Day on November 1st every year by indulging in their favorite versatile stuffed pizza.
History of National Calzone Day
Minsky’s Pizza founded National Calzone Day in 2016 to celebrate its 40th anniversary of making calzones.
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