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National Cappuccino Day - 2021-11-08
What is National Cappuccino Day?
Millions of people across America start their day with a cup of coffee. From lattes to espresso’s, coffee is the boost everyone needs to get the day going. Cappuccino is a well-loved espresso drink that has its roots in Italy. It’s made with a shot of espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam to create a dreamy taste-sensation with a caffeine boost. Spice it up with a flavored syrup or cinnamon for an extra-special taste. Coffee has a long and fascinating history. In 1945, Achille Gaggia invented the modern espresso machine, changing the way we make and enjoy coffee. It was only in the late 1990s that cappuccinos became an American favorite. Celebrate the taste and history of cappuccinos on National Cappuccino Day. Visit your local coffee shop and order a cappuccino. Give them a shout-out and post your pictures on social media using #CappuccinoDay.
When is National Cappuccino Day?
Coffee lovers celebrate National Cappuccino Day on November 8th every year by indulging in their favorite cappuccino drink.
History of National Cappuccino Day
We do not know who founded this caffeine-filled day but will continue to research its origins.
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