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National Caramel Apple Day - 2021-10-31
What is National Caramel Apple Day?
Americans love their caramel apples in the fall and winter. They're a perfect treat to enjoy on such cold days, with or without snow outside! Dan Walker, an employee at Kraft Foods saw how unhealthy it was for children to eat giant handfuls of hard candy all day. That's when he came up with the idea of melting down some soft caramels leftover from Halloween and dipping apples in them as a healthier alternative- which became known as caramel apple!
When is National Caramel Apple Day?
National Caramel Apple Day is every year on October 31st.
History of National Caramel Apple Day
The very first "caramel" or nougat-covered fruit may have been made by Dan Walker during his time working at one of our country’s largest food producers -Kraft Foods Corporation. Caramel apples were invented many years after the candy apple, in the 1950s.
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