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National Care for Kids Day - 2021-09-20
What is National Care for Kids Day?
This important national observance honours society's most important members: children. Caring for children is especially important as they are the future of our nation. They are our future lawyers, doctors, and politicians, and they deserve to grow up feeling loved, supported, educated, and well fed. Whether we want to believe it or not, all adults in a child's life have a responsibility to that child, to ensure their safety and wellbeing. On this national day, we ask you to step forward and do your part to enhance a child's life experience. Whether that means donating to a reading program at your local library or sitting down with your own kid and playing their favourite game, allow yourself to care for a child on this day. The future of our nation depends on it.
When is National Care for Kids Day?
National Care for Kids Day is observed on September 20th of each year.
History of National Care for Kids Day
The Designetics Cares Foundation founded National Care for Kids Day in 2021 to give their mission of caring for children a national voice.
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