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National Cashew Day - 2021-11-23
What is National Cashew Day?
The cashew was first discovered by Europeans in Brazil around 1558. It took them a while to realize the fruits' worth, because their irritating shells made eating them seem awful at first thought! Over time people realized what actually tastes good about these little gems: it's the skin (not) seeds that do all of your agitating for you- like some kind of annoyance sup--I mean retribution. Cashews are the perfect snack for people who want to avoid sugar and high-fat foods while still getting their daily dose of protein. Cashewnuts pack an impressive amount (that's right, nuts) in just one ounce! They're rich with heart healthy fats that benefit cholesterol levels; they also offer manganese which helps muscle function as well energy production - making them great before workouts or anytime you need some extra oomph throughout your day ahead!
When is National Cashew Day?
On November 23rd, the daylong celebration of all things nutty and tasty rolls on with National Cashew Day. These delicious beans are often found in snacks like cashews or peanut butter but can also be enjoyed as an occasional meal themselves!
History of National Cashew Day
The cashew was first discovered by Europeans in Brazil around 1558. They were so irritated from its shells that they thought it to be inedible at first, only realizing later on after some time had passed and people started eating them again because of how sweet their fruit skin tastes!
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