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National Caviar Day - 2021-07-18
What is National Caviar Day?
Caviar is a seafood delicacy of Sturgeon fish eggs full of proteins and vitamins. The United States was the largest producer of caviar up until 1900 when a ban was enforced to reduce over harvesting of Sturgeon fish. The population of Sturgeon never did quite reach pre-ban levels, which contributes to caviar's elite status. The fish eggs are difficult to harvest as the fish take a long time to reach breeding age and need specific conditions to do it well. Depending on the species of Sturgeon, the eggs can be different colours and have varying flavours. There are even cheaper and vegan alternatives these days!
When is National Caviar Day?
July 18th aims to raise awareness for the endangered Sturgeon fish with National Caviar Day.
History of National Caviar Day
We have been unable to find the creator of this national day in all our research. We will continue to search and keep you updated on what we may find.
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