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National CBD Day - 2021-08-08
What is National CBD Day?
CBD has become pretty popular on the self-medicating market in recent years. CBD is a hemp-derivative that is used as a holistic alternative to painkillers, anti-seizure medications, and much more. The uses for CBD are numerous, and it's even pet safe! In addition to all this, it also doesn't have the psychoactive properties of THC, making it safe to consume while working or around children. Since 2018, hemp with less than .03% of THC in it is defined as legal under national drug laws and is distinctly different from marijuana, which is still disputed in many states.
When is National CBD Day?
National CBD Day is observed on August 8th.
History of National CBD Day
National CBD Day was established by cbdMD in an attempt to bring awareness to the many benefits of using CBD products holistically. The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National CBD Day to be observed annually beginning on August 8, 2018.
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