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National Centenarian's Day - 2021-09-22
What is National Centenarian's Day?
National Centenarian’s Day is on September 22nd. It honors those who have celebrated 100 birthdays or more. Centenarians can teach us a lot about getting older. They have lived through so much and learned so much along the way. When they were younger, people actually listened to them and learned from them. Today, we honor centenarians in various ways, such as listening to their stories and gaining insight into the wisdom that comes with age. A recent study estimates that 72,000 centenarians live in the United States. The youngest of those are about 100 years old. They were born after World War I ended and the Treaty of Versailles was signed. They are a living history full of stories not found in history books. Their stories animate history and compliment what we already know. Listening to their tails of accomplishment and perseverance highlights important aspects that help us better understand the past.
When is National Centenarian's Day?
National Centenarian's Day is observed on September 22 annually.
History of National Centenarian's Day
In honor of the growing number of centenarians in the country, Williamsport Nursing Home in Maryland has established National Centenarian’s Day.
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