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National Certified Nurses Day - 2021-03-19
What is National Certified Nurses Day?
The healthcare industry is in need of professionals who are dedicated to their work and the people they serve. Certified Nurses Day™ celebrates certified nurses with the highest credentials in their specialty. This day is spent recognizing nurses for their excellence, excellence, and dedication to their profession. It is also a time when employers, certification boards, education facilities, and healthcare providers publicly acknowledge these nurses. On Certified Nurses Day, communities across the nation honor nurses who are nationally board certified. They boost patient outcomes through their specialty-specific knowledge and skill. More than 70 organizations signed the proclamation that launched Certified Nurses Day. These include the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC) and the National Organization for Competency Assurance. Nurse certification is the best way to advance your career. On National Nurses Day, you can choose certification to improve your skills and knowledge.
When is National Certified Nurses Day?
A special day of celebration and recognition for nurses is fast approaching. March 19 is Certified Nurses Day™.
History of National Certified Nurses Day
March 19th was declared National Certified Nurses Day in honor of Margretta Madden Styles, who inspired nurses around the country. She was a pioneer in her field, achieving many milestones in her distinguished career.
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