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National Chai Day - 2021-09-21
What is National Chai Day?
Chai is an ancient Indian beverage, whose name translates directly to just "tea." Chai is black tea steeped with milk and spices, making it extra rich and comforting. The most common spice used is cardamom, but some recipes also include cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, and fennel. This delicious drink ends up being extremely cozy. In Indian culture, chai is a nightly affair, enjoyed with the whole family. On this national day, why not partake in this simple tradition, by enjoying some chai for yourself?
When is National Chai Day?
National Chai Day is observed on September 21st.
History of National Chai Day
National Chai Day was founded by SomruS in 2018 to celebrate the delicious comfort of tea and the culture of chai.
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