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National Checkers/Dogs in Politics Day - 2021-09-23
What is National Checkers/Dogs in Politics Day?
On September 23rd, National Checkers Day (which is also known as Dogs in Politics Day) recognizes the important role of pets in politics. The day recognizes famous political dogs such as Bo, the Obama family pet; Buddy, the Clinton family pet; and Checkers, the Nixon family pet. In honor of President's Day, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the most powerful dogs in White House history. While this day marks the day in history that Checkers the dog stole the spotlight, many other powerful pooches found their way to center stage.  
When is National Checkers/Dogs in Politics Day?
September 23rd is National Checkers Day.
History of National Checkers/Dogs in Politics Day
In 1952, Vice President candidate Richard Nixon was accused of receiving illegal political donations. In response, he defended himself by giving a televised speech to the American people. Nixon gave this speech from Los Angeles on September 23. The address was called the “Checkers Speech,” because he used a campaign gift from a political supporter as an example of why he should not be removed from the Republican ticket.
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