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National Cherry Cobbler Day - 2021-05-17
What is National Cherry Cobbler Day?
Cherry cobbler is a baked dessert made with a rich cherry filling and a biscuit dough crust.
When is National Cherry Cobbler Day?
On May 17, we celebrate National Cherry Cobbler Day! If you haven't tried it yet, this is the perfect day to do so.
History of National Cherry Cobbler Day
The cherry cobbler first came into existence in the 19th century when bakers had to find ways to modify recipes due to the scarcity of ingredients. Cherry cobbler is a modified version of the traditional cherry pie. It is said that the cherry cobbler originated in the early British American colonies and came about as a lack of appropriate ingredients and cooking equipment. The English missed their traditional suet puddings and settled for baking cherry cobblers. The recipe was improvised over the years and today the biscuit dough is often made of oats (instead of flour) and topped with ice cream or whipped cream!
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