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National Cherry Tart Day - 2021-06-17
What is National Cherry Tart Day?
National Cherry Tart Day is a tart controversy. While most people observe the day on June 17th, it has been suggested that June 18th and 21st are also options. To avoid confusion, make three tarts. If you’re in search of a cherry pie, we’ve got you covered. June 17th (18th or 21st) is the perfect time to indulge in a sweet cherry filling tart. In a delicious cherry tart, the fruit is presented in a crusty pastry shell with superior ingredients. A scrumptious slice is perfect with custard or ice cream, and the pastry crumbles with the tangy cherry taste — rich in antioxidants and even thought to help inflammation. On this National Cherry Tart Day, you can choose to bake your own or buy one and share it with friends. You can also place it on the top of your sweet cart and serve it after the main course — and you should! The taste of this dessert is so delicious that you'll want to serve it more than once a year!
When is National Cherry Tart Day?
National Cherry Tart Day is observed on June 17th of every year.
History of National Cherry Tart Day
We are continuing to research the origins of this national day.
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