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National Chess Day - 2021-10-09
What is National Chess Day?
Have you ever wondered who created chess? Chess is one of the oldest games in history. It was first created in India in the 5th Century before it evolved into the game we know today. The playing board that we currently use was introduced in Europe in 1090 AD. Chess is a great game to challenge your mental abilities. It involves many rules and strategies that promise to exercise your brain. Chess is enjoyed by players of all ages and backgrounds. It is a silent game that connects people from different countries around the globe. To celebrate chess, people come together to play against each other in tournaments. You can join a chess club in your area to learn more about the game. If you love chess, sign up for a tournament on National Chess Day this year. Challenge yourself to play against others with a higher skill level.
When is National Chess Day?
National Chess Day is celebrated by players in over 200 countries on the second Saturday of October. This year, chess enthusiasts will celebrate their favorite game on October 9th.
History of National Chess Day
President Gerald Ford declared National Chess Day in 1976 as part of the country’s Bicentennial celebrations. Chess has a long history with our country's leaders: it was enjoyed by our forefathers George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin - who even wrote one of the first books on chess.
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