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National Children’s Day - 2021-06-13
What is National Children’s Day?
Children depend on the adults in their lives to teach them right from wrong and to help them navigate the complicated stage that is childhood. On National Children's Day we make it a little bit more special for them by using the day to honor who they are and how much more they still have to accomplish.
When is National Children’s Day?
National Children's Day is observed on the second Sunday in June to honor the children of society and remind us all to not let go of our youth.
History of National Children’s Day
The origins of this day go way back to 1856, when Revered Dr. Charles Leonard started Children's Day to Baptize children. In 1995, President Clinton proclaimed Children's Day to be on October 8th and President Bush later moved it to the second Sunday of June. Thus, the day can be celebrated on either of these dates.
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